About Company

About Company

Suchnatech is a fast growing Technology Service Provider in eastern India. It's an amalgamation of cutting edge software solution and data-driven development paradigms.

What we excel at

  • Web application development: We tie up and tidy every little corner of your business’ web architecture. We specialize in developing sturdy (read robust) and scalable web applications that meet business essentials.
  • Web design: Yes, we made a point about not being a web design firm. But, we do include UI and UX consultation/practices under our kitty of a wholesome web solution service provider.
  • Mobile application development: Mobile goes the world and businesses with it. We understand (sometimes too blatantly) the importance of mobile development and share our expertise in creating viable mobile app solutions.
  • Analytics: The main concern for any business decision maker is to lay their hands on solid analytical insights. We make their daily mundane easier with data-driven business insights.
  • BIG Data - Hadoop: Big data excels where regular insights fail. We help businesses dig deeper into the information mine and understand the key actionable for sustainability and performance.
  • Internet Marketing & Trend analysis: Making predictions on market trends is what we specialize at and make sure our clients’ digital marketing strategies are aligned with the latest trends.

Suchnatech employ a small battalion of web ninjas who cut through the clutter and helps your business get forward – technologically!

What we are

Suchnatech is a software application development company that helps you build your business platform online.

Almost all the business verticles are served via the expert team of business analysts who are masters in their respective domains (Healthcare/E-learning/BFSI/Real estate/Retail and many more!).

Staring from an MVP, we develop your entire business platform, following your idea and also help to promote the same. Considering the importance of transparency, we emphasize direct communication between developer and client along with the CTO (Be assured - he knows about each line of code in your project)

What we are NOT

Suchnatech is NOT a company providing cheap quality service. We develop premium quality applications and for that we maintain premium infrastructure & have premium developers in our team. So, we charge diversely premium prices as well.

We are NOT an agency, where you are allowed to communicate with managers only.

We are NOT a regular bespoke website design company only developing fancy website designs- rather we focus on developing web applications those are hosted and managed in cloud and is served as the backbone of a business, with a significantly large user base.

Just drop an email to us and get quote for free!

Happy Clients

We thanks for all our awesome testimonials! There are hundreds of our happy customers!
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